Estate Planning Process
Co-creating Plans That Work

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Our planning process is named Family Legacy™ Legal Services.  Too often estate plans fall short of achieving a person's intended goals due to the lack of follow through in executing and maintaining the plan. Our planning process employs a Three-Step Strategy™ to ensure our clients' goals are achieved and maintained. This strategy is explained below:

Step One:

  • Discovery 
    Education: we teach clients about the law & clients teach us about their families

  • Planning  
    Clients choose a strategy & we help design
  • Delivery 
    Plan documents are completed to client specification & assets are properly allocated

Step Two:

  • Formal Maintenance & Education for clients and their families
  • The plan is reviewed annually and revised as needed. 
  • Clients are educated on changes in the law; the attorney is educated on changes in clients lives.

    The Family Legacy  Client Update Program™ ensures the plan meets our clients' goals as they change over time. 

Step Three:

  • Assure Efficient Transfer of Wisdom & Wealth
    Being proactive now saves in the long run

Learn how to complete your estate plan by visiting Your Story Your Legacy.  


Mission Statement

Our mission is to assist our clients in co-creating 

estate plans that actually work.  

We Believe Knowledge Is Power

Our service begins with a no charge, no obligation, orientation meeting where we discuss with potential clients, their family, advisors, and friends the basic truths about results-based estate planning.  This is usually done in a group setting to foster the learning environment by decreasing any pressure brought by a one-on-one meeting.

This first step allows attendees to meet the attorney in a non-pressure environment and judge for themselves what process will work for them.

Have you ever thought "it would have been nice to know then what I know now?"

We call our orientation meetings the Truth About Estate Planning™ because the estate planning attorney can provide more value than just drafting documents.  Documents don't manage your affairs when you are disabled or die, people do.  Rather than "throw the plan over the wall" after the estate planning documents are signed, we provide the necessary follow through to your "chosen helpers" and beneficiaries to make sure the plan will work when a crisis occurs.

Simply put, documents don't work well on their own, but with your family's exposure to the structure of your plan as well as the process of administering estates while you are alive and well, there is less stress about the unknown with a greater certainty of outcome and family harmony.  Estate planning is a family matter as much as it is an individual matter.

We welcome you to investigate for yourself, your parents or other family members, by clicking on the calendar below or by visiting the Upcoming Events page to register for one of our Truth About Estate PlanningTMOrientation Meetings.  You may contact us via e-mail or phone 410-296-3358 for more information.

Continuing Education Credits are available for professional planning partners.

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