"At the end of our lives...all that is left of us is our story."  - Richard Stone

While conventional wisdom tells us that our value is measured by the things we own, our financial wealth is but one-quarter of who we are.  The numbers on a ledger are simply black-and-white, but our values and principles color in the portrait of our lives.

Our firm employs cutting-edge estate planning techniques to help families efficiently transfer financial wealth between generations in ways that are protected from the interference from those outside the family or those from within. 

We believe our services differentiate us from other estate planning law firms.  Our Family LegacyTM Services Program incorporates all four quadrants of personal wealth, with our clients' goals at the center of every plan we design AND IMPLEMENT!

We first teach about potential issues that clients might consider.  Then we listen to our clients to learn about them, their family and their goals.  Everyone comes to our office with a picture in their minds as to what they want to accomplish.  We help them sharpen the focus on any fuzzy areas of that picture.  Armed with full disclosures of fees (before and after death fees) and the knowledge of what can be accomplished with proper estate planning, our clients choose their estate planning strategy.  We then design the plan together.

Our commitment to our clients is to design plans that work when they aren't there to manage them.  We don't just hand out a pretty binder with fancy paper inside - our service doesn't end with delivering documents.  Utilizing tools like our Red Check ReviewTM we make certain that our clients' assets are titled properly to ensure that their plan works with the utmost efficiency, reducing stress to them and cost to their loved ones. 

We then check-in with our clients annually to learn if anything has changed in their lives or if they want to change anything in their plan. 

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